Poo Poo Paper Post

Hi!  It’s me, Big-Sis.  We went to the Elephant PooPooPaper Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand!  This is what I thought of it…

The Elephant PooPooPaper park is a really cool, fascinating, fun, and educational place where you learn all about the process of making paper out of elephant poop, and create your own poo paper masterpiece.

We went to the park in a songthaew (red truck taxi), and it was a pretty long ride, but it was totally worth it.  We had a little time to look around the “Pootique” (gift shop), which was full of pre-made poo paper merchandise.  I was amazed at how many things could be made out of poo paper.  We saw notebooks, wallets, jewelry, cards, paperweights, and much more.  Soon, our guide came, and we started our tour of the park.  (Note: definitely get a guide, they are helpful when it comes to explaining the process of poo paper making.)

Our guide took us to each stage of the poo paper making process, and we got to touch the dried poo, help clean the poo, make it into paper, and make a poo paper item!  At first, touching the poo seemed really disgusting, but after I learned that they cleaned it, I was totally okay with touching it.  Actually, I had fun touching the elephant poop.  (Note: don’t worry about germs, they boil them off, and there’s hand sanitizer at the end.)   Here is a brief explanation of the stages of making poo paper:

  1. Dry the elephant poo (It becomes hard and full of fibers).
  2. Clean the poo by boiling it.  (We got to stir the giant pot of poop!)
  3. Color the poo using recycled poo paper and food dyes.  (The colors are so natural and pretty.)
  4. Make the colored poo into wet poo balls.  (Kind of slimy, but that’s okay.)
  5. Spread the wet poo balls onto a screen in water, and let the screen dry in the sun.  (One of my favorite parts!  The poo is really fun to play with.)
  6. Make stuff out of the paper!!!  You can make a wallet, notebook, passport holder, bookmark, or card.  I made a wallet, which I will fill with Baht. You can decorate your poo paper item with cut outs of all sorts of things!  (The cut outs are made of poo paper, of course.)

Bro is stirring the boiling poop (of course he spilled it).



Surprise surprise. She picked purple poo.



Spread it out so that it covers the whole screen.



Ah, look at the beautifully colored elephant poop drying in the sun.



You have to be very, very, very careful.

There is plenty of science to poo paper making.  The Elephant PooPooPaper Park doesn’t use just elephant poop, but elephant poop is the main kind of poop, and the kind that you make paper out of.  I learned that not all kinds of poop can be made into paper.  Elephant poop can be used because it is full of fiber. The park only uses poop from strictly grass-fed  elephants, because if elephants eat meat, their poop is moist, and not moldable.  Human poop can’t be made into paper because we eat everything, and because our digestive systems use the fiber in our food for other things, like energy.  Our fiber isn’t wasted, so it’s not in our poop.  An elephant’s digestive system isn’t as advanced as ours, so the fibers that they eat come out in their poop.  Poop needs to have fiber in it in order to be made into paper.

The Elephant PooPooPaper Park is an awesome way to spend your morning or afternoon.  It is a great place for kids, and I had a lot of fun.  As well as having fun, I learned a lot about paper making in general.  The environment of the park is really pleasant, full of shady huts and gardens.

Definitely a thumbs up, and only 100 baht ($3) per person (the crafts we made cost a little extra)!!!

Thanks for following, poo poo peeps.


7 thoughts on “Poo Poo Paper Post

  1. I do read the paper in the bathroom but never thought of making paper while there. I know that human poo is not usable, but the way I’ve been eating around the holiday makes me feel like an elephant so maybe…In any event I think I better “truncate” this post. (Sorry for the bad pun. See, I can be annoying even from 8500 miles away.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The pun is OK. If you really want to try making homemade paper but don’t have elephant poop you can use old newspaper. I did it once at camp. You’re not all that annoying… I guess…
      Written by Big-Sis


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