A Letter to a Faraway Friend


Dear Lucia,

I wish you were here with me.  I wish we could do this together.  I haven’t had a kid my age to play with that I know for such a long time.  You are my best friend, and if I could choose one person to be here with me, it would be you.

If you were here when I was in the caves of Chiang Dao in Thailand, I would’ve been less afraid that the ceiling was about to fall on my head.  You would’ve wanted to explore more parts of the cave, and I would’ve gone with you, because I feel so much more comfortable exploring with a friend than exploring alone.  If you were with me, I would have been less afraid of the ceiling caving in and more focused on trying to jump higher than you to reach the stalactites you would be jumping up to reach.

If you were here when I went on the big hike in Cat Ba National Park in Vietnam, you wouldn’t have been bothered by the massive bees buzzing around our heads and the jungle leaves falling like rain.  If you were here, I would’ve bit my tongue and I wouldn’t have said, “This is really freaky.  I want to go back,” because your boldness makes me feel safe, and if you noticed I was getting tired, you would’ve said, “C’mon, we’re almost there!” You are a nature person, and you are around wildlife more than I am.  Even though I lasted pretty long in that jungle, I would’ve lasted longer if you were in it with me.

If you were here when I went rock climbing, we could have reached the top together.  You would’ve been strong, and confident, and you probably would’ve gone first.  Without you there, though, I went first, and I was as confident as I could be.  I love being brave together, and I also like being brave alone.  I know you feel that way too.  Bravery shows in many things we do, together and alone.  I can’t wait to see you so that we can be brave together again.

I’ve enjoyed this trip so much, and I can’t wait to share what I learned with you.  I can’t wait to tell you all about my travels when I see you again!  I also can’t wait to hear how your life has been while I was away.  After being away for so long, I’m appreciating all of the comforts and people from home a lot more, and when I come back, I know I’ll treasure our time together even more.  Life is an adventure, and I’d like to thank you so much for coming on the adventure of life with me. I know that sometime, somewhere, somehow, I’ll be able to share the joy of travel with you.

Your very best friend,

Madeline R. C.


P.S. Since I just told the whole world about you on this blog, it’s no secret that I love and miss you.

4 thoughts on “A Letter to a Faraway Friend

  1. Dear Maddie ,
    I was so overjoyed when I read your letter, and to see how much you cared about me. I have been thinking lately about how you feel things deeply, like me, and I have missed that with friends. I have been thinking that we will be best friends forever because we cannot be separated even on the other side of the Earth. Even though I may act confident, I would be just as scared as you and would have wished more than anything for my best friend. Right now, as I write this letter I am missing you so much. You are my best friend and you always will be. I cannot wait for you to come back and share what you have learned on your trip!

    Since you have been gone for so long, I will tell you about life in the USA, here at my house.

    I don’t know the last time you saw Beatrix the puppy, but she is so much bigger now. She has learned how to drop the ball when you are throwing it and she can almost run as fast as I can. By mistake, I threw her toy and it hit the roof. Another time, I threw it and it hit our tree, which is so beautiful right now because it is in bloom. I will tell you about nature here, and the weather in a bit, but for now I have to fill you in on the animals. Willow is getting older and a little bit blind, but he is still really active and the best dog ever. He is so polite! I was giving him a rock and he took it with such grace and carefulness that he barely touched me. Now, I have a surprise. I got a new pet! I will give you hints. Scroll down and you will see the mystery pet.

    he is black
    he is small
    he has floppy ears
    he has fluff on his feet
    he can go on a walk with his leash
    he loves veggies…

    a bunny!

    Bunbun, that’s his name, is an adorable rabbit. But he is very stubborn. One time he had to be dragged in from his walk because he was having such a great time. Willow is so careful with Bunbun. Whenever he sees Bunbun, he gets so small, which is really surprising because it is like he knows that Bunbun will be scared if he gets big like other animals. This is how Willow gets small: he hunches himself, walks really, really slow, puts his head down, and puts his ears really close to his head. It is so cute! Bea, on the other hand, is a totally different story. She gets really big and thinks Bunbun is a playmate and starts to jump whenever Bunbun walks close to her. Then Bunbun gets really scared and does flying leap-jumps. Bea also had an incident in our kitchen swing. This will probably make you laugh really hard! She was getting crazy and accidentally jumped into our swing. At first she was just trying to walk away but the swing kept pulling her back. Then once she realized she was stuck, she started swinging back and forth really fast and crashing in to furniture. The poor thing even started to cry, but we could not get her out because she was going so fast. Finally, she started to calm down and we were able to get her out. She never jumps into the swing anymore.

    Friends recently came over for about a week. We had a little party because they used to live here and other friends came over for the really small party (which felt big because we were having so much fun). Well Bunbun stole the show. Emma, who was one of the kids who came to visit us, is usually not that calm. But she was completely quiet with Bunbun. Her sister Ines, who is not a big fan of animals, was mesmerized by Bunbun. We laid down towels so Bunbun could hop around. Then we went on the beanbag and Bunbun hopped on our bellies.

    It is so beautiful here. It is starting to get warm and all the trees are in bloom. We are going on walks with the dogs and I wake up to beautiful bird songs and sun shining through the window.

    Last month, we went on a trip to Florida and it was amazing! I will tell you all about it. So, first we had a half-day at school but I even left the half day early. We drove to an airport in Phili, then waited there for about an hour. Then we got on the plane and it took about 2 and a half hours. We had waitresses bring us orange juice, chex mix, a chocolate cookie and pringles. Then we landed in Miami, also known as a mini Cuba because people from Cuba came there to find a better life. The airport in Miami was really cool. It had these moving floors we could go on so we did not have to walk. We met this nice lady on the plane who told us of this epic Cuban style diner with all these glass walls with designs on them. It was like a maze. Than we drove 3 hours to get to the keys. At the keys we went snorkeling, played at the beach, celebrated Easter, and ate great food. It was a long ride home we stopped in Miami and then boarded the plain. Unfortunately we got home at 1am and went to school that morning!

    I have started to really love singing so maybe when you come to stay with us we can sing together. I also really enjoy cooking and I am about to finish up my cooking class in afterschool. We get to cook in the big kitchen!

    I cannot wait for you to come and stay with us and I hope you can stay for at least a week.

    I love you Madeline. You are my best friend.

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    1. Lucia,

      Thank you for your wonderful letter!!! I am so glad to hear about how life is for you. I can’t wait to see Bunbun your new bunny!!!!!!!!! He sounds so cute and funny. Willow is the sweetest old dog. Beatrix was a little puppy the last time I saw her. I bet she is really big now. The kitchen swing incident is hilarious. Poor Bea! I love hearing about your pets! I can’t wait to see them again.

      Does it tickle when Bunbun jumps on your belly? I bet I’ll find out soon! How are the wineberry bushes at your house? When are they in bloom? Do you climb your trees? When I come maybe we’ll take a hike down to the creek and swim. Remember when we made drawings with the rocks down there?

      Florida sounds awesome. I’ve been there but never to the places you talked about. What was the beach like there? Here, snorkeling is really easy. You can snorkel right off of the beach. What did you see in the water? Fish? Coral? I’ve been going on a lot of planes on this trip. Maybe too many. We usually bring a lot of snacks because the rides can be really long. The longest was 16 hours!!! On that ride there were TVs built into the back of every seat so you can watch TV. It got kinda boring. I’ve never landed somewhere in the middle of the night! You must have been exhausted. There are lots of time differences here. Sometimes it’s like the day speeds up. I get on a plane at 12:00 and the ride is 2 hours, but when I get off it is 5:00! Very confusing.

      You know how much I love singing!!! I absolutely can’t WAIT to sing with you. It’s so much fun. Maybe when I come you could show me a thing or two about cooking? It would be fun to make food with you. Not that I am a good chef. Remember that time when we mixed a bunch of liquids and drank the concoction? We made such a mess.

      I’m so glad you’re the first friend I’m seeing at home. I wish I could stay with you for a longer time than I am. I miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’ll see you soon! I love you Lucia. You are my best friend.


  2. I just loved reading about how connected you are with your best bud, and how you can view your trip adventures through her eyes too! The best friends complement and balance us and just allow us to be our true selves. It’s so beautiful to be able to really and truly share joy and life with someone so dear. It makes me happy to know that you have someone so special to share this adventure with. Love you so much!


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