family travel blogs

These moms and pops have been at it for a while.  They share valuable experiences, perspectives and information regarding world travel with kids. Styles and focuses differ, and themes may include education and parenting through travel, tips, reviews, stories, human interest, volunteering, and more.  Some have marketing/advertising components because the blogs fund their travels.  Most of these folks travel full-time as a lifestyle. Whether you’re considering a trip for several months, or a year, or not at all and just want to live vicariously through them, their experiences are a great read.  This is not an exhaustive list.  I’m amazed at how many there are, actually! 
Posts specifically around funding family world travel:

facebook groups

Family travel/worldschooling groups have been wonderful resources for us.  I can’t say enough about the openness and responsiveness of the members.  Some of the groups are limited to people who are either in the planning stages, or are already traveling, and some aren’t.  Just PM an admin and ask to be added.  







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