School Schmool

A major angst-factor that nudged me toward this trip was EDUCATION.  In a nutshell:  1.  Our kids’ school experiences have been heavy on paper-pencil rigor/quantity of content, and light on choice/open-ended learning.  2.  Our public school system prioritizes standardization/high-stakes tests.  3.  My own teaching/parenting style conflicts with the current priorities of public school, BUT, I believe in public education – that it should be and can be the best education for all kids.  What to do?  Flee.  Observe my kids learning outside the classroom.  Cross my fingers that a resolution to my school-angst will fall from the Southeast Asian sky right in my lap.   (longer version Warning: Innocent career story turns rant)

We are worldschooling and homeschooling

DSC00152Worldschooling happens every day through immersion in foreign countries.  All 5 of us are being worldschooled.  We are constantly observing new cultures, asking questions, and making connections and comparisons to our own background. Sometimes we set up a project related to what we’re seeing, but more often, worldschooling happens naturally just by being here and being curious. Worldschooling covers every subject, and multiple subjects simultaneously. The kids help us navigate where we’ll go and what we’ll do.  They help us budget, and they help us communicate in foreign languages. They’re learning to problem solve, to be flexible, to think on their feet, and to feel comfortable with differences.  Bam!

IMG_1767Homeschooling happens most days, and can last 30 minutes or 3 hours. If Big-sis decides to tackle a new violin piece, that’s homeschooling. If I tell Big-sis she has to tackle fractions whether she likes it or not, that’s homeschooling.  It can happen in a hotel room, on a plane, or on the beach.  We do more when we’re staying put in an area and less when we’re moving around.  We touch on math, instrument practice, and some form of writing regularly. The kids are avid readers, so we leave that alone.  Sometimes they’re happy to get down to business and sometimes we battle over it.  We aim to give the kids freedom to choose what subjects and skills to work on, and we hope to instill a sense of responsibility in them to educate themselves. Even though Tom and I are both teachers, we don’t prepare lessons for them (honestly, we have better things to do).

our worldschool/homeschoolcreations

This blog is a great motivation for the kids to share what they’re learning; it’s our virtual bulletin board.  Please read, share, and comment!  


  1. DSC00689The Adventures of Mr. Kitey : The episodic, comedic tales of a silly guy : Bro
  2. DSC00210Rice Growing in Bali : Informational video takes you to the heart of the rice fields : Big-sis
  3. IMG_1867Ode to annoying bugs in Bali : An itch-inspired rant : Big-sis


  1. IMG_0231In-depth With Agus : An interview with our Balinese landlord : Big-sis
  2. DSC00316Nature’s Legos : Building and writing with coral : Bro and Big-sis
  3. DSC00691The Adventures of Xsashio Montoya : The episodic, comedic tales of another silly guy : Bro
  4. DSC00417Snorkeling Discoveries : Sea creatures we saw and researched : Bro and Big-sis
  5. DSC00629A Best Friend : An essay on sibling relationships : Big-sis
  6. DSC00515Strength : A nature-inspired poem : Big-sis


IMG_0174Quiet, Loud and Far Away : A poem: Bro

DSC00120Paragraph Practice : A glimpse into a little boy’s mind on various topics : Bro


DSC01439A morning at the Lanna Folklife Museum in Chiang Mai : Bro


DSC01946The adventures of Mr. Limp : Bro

DSC02223The Strongest Man in the World : Bro

2 thoughts on “School Schmool

  1. You have room on that trip for 6 more?? It sounds amazing. I wish I had the courage to do what you’re doing with and for your family! Thank you for sharing too. I love living vicariously through you! Enjoy the rest of the trip!


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