Personal Essays


“Hey Bro!  Check out this jump I can do!”  “Awesome, let me try.”  “You almost got it, just curve your back a bit more.  Really power that somersault!”  “It’s so hard.”  “You’ll get it.”  “Do you want to take turns flipping each other on the float?”  “Yeah!”

My 7-year-old brother and I have been good friends on this trip.  Actually, we’ve been best friends.  He’s the only friend that I have for the entire 9 month trip, besides Lil-sis (but she’s only 3).  I’ve found that I’m better friends with Bro than I am with some school friends.  It’s so easy to be silly with him, and crazy, and he goes with whatever we’re doing.  

My friendship with my brother has grown so much since we started traveling. This is because…1.  He’s my only friend on this trip.  2.  We’ve always enjoyed playing together.  3.  He’s gotten a lot less annoying.  4.  In SE Asia, we have so many opportunities to have fun together.  We have met other traveling families, but Bro is the only one who is with me 24/7.  

Bro and I have come up with so many games to play with each other and with Lil-sis. Whenever we’re bored (which isn’t often), we play a game of cards or we jump in the pool or we run around the house like lunatics.  Bro is incredibly funny, and one reason why I enjoy being friends with him so much is because he always makes me laugh. Many times we start having a conversation and we end up laughing our heads off!  Bro makes up the funniest stories.  You can read them right here on this blog.  

In my opinion, because of modern electronics, siblings nowadays don’t play together as much as they used to because they spend time on electronics.  Sometimes older siblings aren’t nice to their younger siblings.  I think it’s really important to create a strong bond with siblings. I know that my brother will always be there for me, and I will always be there for him. That is really important to me.


4 thoughts on “Personal Essays

  1. Big sis, I think that it is great that you and bro have found true friendship. I knowthat the cousins are not with you in Asia, but they can’t wait to hear all about it! I can’t wait to share this blog with them!

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