Creative Writing

DSC00689“The Adventures of Mr. Kitey” by bro

Episode #1 Mr. Kitey and the Cheese-looking Eraser

Once upon a time there was a (strange) guy named Mr. Kitey Face, (nicknamed Doorknobhead).  He was riding his bike to get to a football game.  On the way, he thought he saw a piece of cheese on the ground, so he ate it.  Dun!  Dun!  Dun!  It was actually an eraser!  But he was totally fine.

Episode #2 Juice Face

Once Mr. Kitey Face was at work.  He works for a sponge company.  One day, at work, he kept saying, “Juice!  Juice!” because he had to go to the bathroom.  His partner, Judy, said, “Why do you keep saying ‘Juice’?'”  “Because I have to go to the bathroom!” said Mr. Kitey.  “Mr. Kitey Face, the bathroom is right next to you.  Can’t you just go there?” asked Judy.  Mr. Kitey would not budge.

Episode #3 Stinky Pizza

Once Mr. Kitey Face and his friend John went for a walk.  John suggested a pizza place, so they went there.  It was literally the WORST pizza they ever had (and of course, Mr. Kitey blamed it on John).  They spent another $20 at Five Guys Burgers because the food was so bad at the pizza place.

Episode #4  It’s a Spider Web on the Trash Can!  Run!

Once Mr. Kitey Face was sitting in his chair reading the newspaper.  His wife Jean came into the living room.  She was holding Mr. Kitey’s special trash can.  “I have to throw this trash can away.  I’m really sorry, but it’s for the best.  There’s a spider web on it,” said Jean.  Mr. Kitey Face EXPLODED because that trash can was about his 3rd favorite thing in the world.  Finally he calmed down.  He bought another trash can especially like his old one, so he was at least a little happy.

Episode #5 Mr. Kitey and Thomas

Once Mr. Kitey Face was working in the soap department at the sponge factory.  His friend Thomas was working with him.  Thomas tests out all the chemicals for the soap.  Mr. Kitey’s job is to use a machine to make the sponges puff up.  When they finished their work, they went for a walk.  Mr. Kitey accidentally slipped on a banana peel, and Thomas forgot to bring some money, so they couldn’t have lunch at the pizza place.  They just went home and ate lunch.

Episode #6 Don’t Stare at the Clock or You’ll Go Blind

Once Mr. Kitey was staring at a clock.  Tick tock tick tock went the clock.  “Noble Head!” said Mr. Kitey’s wife Jean, “Why are you staring at that clock?  You’ll go blind.”  Mr. Kitey said, “Jean, I…I…I…I…I…I can’t see!”  “Welp, too bad.  You didn’t listen to me.  You deserve the consequence!” said Jean.

Episode #7  Do You Know How to Paint?

Once Mr. Kitey was painting.  “Jean!  Is this painting the same as the Mona Lisa?” asked Mr. Kitey.  “No.  The Mona Lisa is a lady.  That’s just a big blob of red,” said Jean.  “Oh, ok.  I’ll paint a lady instead,” said Mr. Kitey.

Episode #8 We Are Going to China

Once, you-know-who (Mr. Kitey) was planning to go to China, which in his opinion is the Land of Water Bottles.  “We are going to The Land of Water Bottles!” said Jean and Mr. Kitey.  “We are going to the airport!” said Jean and Mr. Kitey.  “We are on the plane!” said Jean and Mr. Kitey.  “We are in China!” said Jean.  “No, we are in The Land of Water Bottles!” said Mr. Kitey.  “Tey are both the same!” said Jean.

Episode #9 What Does TM Mean?

Once, Mr. Kitey was at the cinema.  He was watching a movie called Reckless.  When he was done watching the movie, he went outside, following the sign that said, “EXIT TM.”  “Why does the exit have TM?” Mr. Kitey thought to himself.  Actually, I don’t know if he thought that to himself.  BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!

Episode #10 Mr. Kitey, Please

Once, Mr. Kitey was doing something.  I don’t know WHAT HE WAS DOING, BUT IT WAS COOL!

IMG_1867“Ode to annoying bugs in Bali” by big-sis

A mosquito thinks that my leg is take-out food.  It is certainly not!  Why should I have to have itchy bumps on my leg just so a mosquito can have dinner?  Why shouldn’t the mosquito go feed on someone else?  I just don’t get it.

An ant crawls onto my arm and starts to stick its little tongue out.  I wonder what it’s going to do?  Then, out of nowhere, I feel a prick on my arm.  Ah!  The ant took a bite out of me!  It hurts.  Why should I get a prick on my arm just so an ant can eat breakfast?  Why shouldn’t the ant go eat something else?  I just don’t get it.

An annoying fly keeps buzzing around my head while I’m trying to sleep.  Its buzzing sound is not a pleasant lullaby. Ugh!  “Go away, fly! Why do I have to be kept up because of you?  Go buzz somewhere else!”  It doesn’t leave.  I keep trying to sleep.  It keeps buzzing.  I swat at it.  It comes back. “Don’t flies ever get tired?” I think to myself.  “Don’t they need to sleep?” I wonder.  Soon after, I get my answer, when the buzzing quiets down, and it flies into my blanket.  “Whatever,” I say to myself.  What else can I do?  Why do flies always annoy ME?  I just don’t get it.



“Nature’s legos”

Writing about coral  creations


Zovy the two-headed anteater is so clumsy and crazy.  He almost purposefully flushed himself down the toilet!  Well, that sort of makes sense because he lives in Potty Land, but, wow.  He walks around Potty Land, saying “Hi” to any stranger he sees.  Once he even said “Hi” to a robber in handcuffs!


This is a little hut made out of stone.  NASA SPACE found it in a galaxy that we named The Milky Way III 3016.  We found little cute aliens inside the hut.  The Aliens are: 1.  Coca who makes the food.  He’s a very good cook.  2.  Feefefa who paints and draws.  He’s a very good drawer.  3.  Lekey who walks around the hut checking on everybody.  He’s a very good checker.  4.  Mos who likes to read.  He reads very well.


Archeologists recently discovered something so amazing it blew their minds.  A deep underground, secret meeting place has been left untouched for 153 years.  Found in Virginia, this 30 foot long structure holds secrets of the Civil War.  The meeting place is full of mysterious documents from the war.  How it survived all these years is a mystery.  The floor of the place is made of many large rocks and stones.  The walls are some kind of hard sandstone.  The ceiling on either end of the underground place is made of tons of thick wood.  The ceiling in the middle is tall, and made of all kinds of crystals and shells.  The door is a huge boulder with a tiny keyhole in the middle.  The only furniture is a long, wooden table that covers almost the length of the entire room.  Little wooden stools are on either side of the table.  The archeologists discovered tons of secret vaults in the walls of the place.  They couldn’t bust into them, though.  The walls of the vaults were unbreakable.  The door was made of a different kind of stone than the vaults.  The archeologists were baffled.  We learned so much more about the Civil War from the things found in the secret meeting place.  All of the artifacts and documents were sent to historians and museums so that they could be studied closely.  The vaults still remain a mystery.



“Strength” by big-sis

A hawk swoops down
To catch its prey
Its wings holding onto the wind
Gliding with perfection
Its eyes
A huge wave
Begins to crash
Spraying white foam
Onto the sparkling sand
Scattering everything
Its force
A small seed
Begins to grow
It struggles upward
Helped by the sun
The rain
It keeps pushing
It knows that it can fall
But that doesn’t matter
Can turn into


Episode #1  The Spiciest Chip in the World

Once Xsashio was walking to lunch with his friend Bokee.  Bokee is a wrestler.  They went to a warung (“restaurant” in Balinese) called Taco Mania.  It was Bokee’s favorite warung.  There was a section on the menu that was all nachos.  Xsashio picked one but didn’t know it was spicy, and when we took one tiny bite, it looked like he would explode!

Episode #2  Hmmm…I Think Someone is Talking in Jibberish

Once Xsashio was walking with Bokee.  “Bokee,” said Xsashio, “Where are we going?”  “We are going to Vishasases’ Pizza,” said Bokee.  “Oh, right, I do love that warung’s pizza,” said Xsashio.  “Me, THOO!” said Bokee.  “Osh kas pspspspsp,” said Bokee.  “Right,” said Xshashio.  At the pizza place a few minutes later… “I would like to order pepperoni,” said Xsashio.  “Me, THOO!” said Bokee.  “That will be 200,000 rupiah,” said the man at the counter.  “What?!  Tat mush?  I don’t have tat mush,” said Bokee.  “I do! I’ll pay!” said Xsashio.  “Ok, but next time I want to,” said Bokee.  They ate the pizza.  “Mmmmm, good.  Teremah Kasi (“thank you” in Indonesian) for buying it, Xsashio,” said Bokee.  “Sama sama (“you’re welcome” in Indonesian),” said Xsashio.  “Let’s to id again!” said Bokee.

Episode #3  “I don’t want the narrator!  I want Xsashio Montoya!”

Once-y Xsashio-y was-y…no, no, no, that’s not right.  Is it?  I think so.  Do you?  Well-o, episode-o three-o.  Once-o Xsashio-o…no!  Still wrong!  Oh, whatever.  Go to the next episode.

Actual Episode #3  The Shortest Game of Soccer in the World

Once Xsashio was playing soccer, which in Mexico they call football, with (obviously) Bokee.  They play soccer-football every day together.  Bokee was losing.  “Booyachingchang (jibberish),” said Xsashio.  “I’m LITERALLY kicking your butt like a weasel smack dab dead on the sidewalk, bebe!” said Xsashio.  “Wah wah, I want mommy, cause you’re winning,” said Bokee.  “Sorry,” said Xsashio (sniffing), “But me, myself and I won!”  “Nooooooooo!” said Bokee.  “Oh, well, well, well, too bad,” said Xsahsio.

Episode #4 Word Head!

Once, once, once.  Narrator: Oh, did I do too many onces?  Whatever.  I’ll fix that.  Once Xsashio onced.  “Oh Xsashio!  You onced!” said Bokee.  “I…I…I did?” said Xsashio.  “No, you hesitated,” said Bokee.  “But you said I onced,” said Xsashio.  “That’s not a word,” said Bokee.  “But, but, but, you said so,” said Xsashio.  “Oh, oops, I didn’t really mean to,”  said Bokee.  “Ok, well this conversation is over.  Goodbye,” said Xsashio.

Episode #5 Oh, Why Did I Buy This iPhone?

Once Xsashio was at an auction.  The auction was selling electronics.  “I bid 6,000 baht,” said Xsashio.  “No, 50,000 rupiah,” said the man in the green hat.  “But that’s two different types of money!” said the governor of the state.  “Oh well, too bad,” said the auctioneer.  “50,000 rupiah loses.  6,000 bhat wins!” said the auctioneer.  “Wahahaha!” cried the guy in the green hat.  “Hahahaha!  Woohooo.  I won!” laughed Xsashio.  Later, outside of the auction place…”Oh, no, now what do I do?  I bought that iphone and Lavio is gonna to kill me,”  said Xsashio.  Later, at Xsashio’s house…”Xsashio?!?!  Did you buy that iphone?”  asked Lavio.  “Sorry,” said Xsashio.  “Oh, that’s ok.  You just bought a phone,” said Lavio.


 “quiet, loud and far away” by bro


The sky is blue

There are no clouds

It is quiet.

The birds make little chirps

from thousands of miles away.

The sun shines

way up in the sky.

The ocean washes up on the island

very quietly.

But on the other side of the island…


Everything seems quiet

and far away.

DSC00120“paragraph practice” by bro

#1  Surfing

I like the idea of surfing.  I go boogie-boarding, which is similar to surfing.  But the board is smaller, and you go on your belly instead of your feet.  I’ve seen people catch a big wave and go from about 10 feet in the ocean all the way back to shore.  Also, I’ve seen people do tricks.  Once, I saw a person make his surf board do a flip!  When I grow up, I want to surf.  I want my surfboard to be dark pink with a picture of the beach and a skull on each side. I bet when I grow up, surfing will be fun.

#2 Pizza

I like pizza because it’s my favorite food!  It makes me feel like my life is endless because it’s so good that I can’t stop eating it, and I feel like my life will never end.  My favorite place to get pizza is Lorenzo’s Pizza.  I would rate Lorenzo’s Pizza 10 stars, and I would rate just pizza itself 100 stars!

#3 Bali

I like Bali because there is so many things to see.  My family went to Melaya, Bali.  It is so cool in Melaya, because the beach is so close to the house we stayed in.  Bali is in Indonesia.  Lombok is another island close to Bali, which is also in Indonesia.  Bali is so cool that when I get back home, I might want to come to Bali again!

#4 Tomato and Cheese Sandwiches

I like, or love, melted cheese and tomato sandwiches.  The yumminess makes me feel like I’m on the scariest roller coaster in the whole world.  I had a tomato and cheese sandwich for lunch yesterday.  It was good.  I ate it up in 3 seconds.  It was so good I might want to have another one tomorrow.  I’m going to ask my mom, “Can I have a tomato and cheese sandwich?”  And she’s going to say, “Yes, you can.”  I just think melted cheese and tomato sandwiches are delish!

#5 Books

I like books because when you first start reading a book, it feels boring.  But when you get a little farther in, you want the book to never end.  The series I’m reading right now is called Paddington Bear.  Also, my Dad reads me a series called The Lord of the Rings.  When I grow up, I might want to be an author.

“The adventures of Mr. Limp” by bro


Episode #1  Intro To How Mr. Limp Started To Limp

So, there’s a guy named Mr. Limp.  This guy is WEIRD!  He can’t walk!  He has dos crutches.  He was…oops, I almost forgot to say how he got his leg broken.  He was riding a motorcycle, then he fell off dun, dun, dun!  “Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!  I broke my foooooooot.   That’s ok, I will get crutches.  Not just regular crutches, dos crutches!”

Episode #2  You Are Going To Jail

Once Mr. Limp was riding a vehicle called a car.  “Riding a car is fun”, said Mr. Limp.  “Oops, I bumped”, said Mr. Limp.  PEEAWCHKCHKCHKLINGLINGBOOM!!!!!!!  (New character enters, Mr. Tete.  Mr. Limp does not like him).  “You are going to jail, Mr. Tete.” said the policeman.  “But I didn’t bump into Mr. Limp.  Mr. Limp bumped into me!”  said Mr. Tete.  “Oh”, said the policeman.  “You’re going to jail Mr. Limp” said the policeman.  “Oh yea, oh yeah, yay!” said Mr. Limp.

Episode #3  Eating #1

Once Mr. Limp was eating at Mr. Otoe’s (an Italian restaurant) with his wife (whose name is Mommy).  “Mmmmmm”, said Mommy.  “Good”, said Mr. Limp.  “Aperoctumsleewercamkilydufif!” said Mr. Limp (in jibberish).  “What?” said Mommy.  “I’m speaking Mr. Limpese.” said Mr. Limp.  “Oh,” said Mommy.

Episode #4 Eating #2

Once Mr. Limp was eating at Mr. Otoe’s.  “Ewwwww”, said Mommy.  “This is the best food I ever had.” said Mommy.  “Yum.” said Mr. Limp.  “This is the worst food I ever had.” said Mr. Limp.  “Aaaaaahhhhhhh!”  yelled the person sitting at the next table.  “What is it sweetie?  I mean, person?” said Mommy.  “There’s a ghost!  Aaaaahhhhhh!”  yelled the person.  “It’s just a flower, sweetie.  I mean, person.” said Mommy.  “Ooooooooooh  Aaaaaaaah!   Ooooooohhhhh Ah!” said the person.  “You can stop saying that now.” said Mommy.  “Oh, sorry.” said the person.

“The Strongest Man in the world” a poem by bro


The strongest man in the world

is the heart.

When you breathe in,

your heart is picking up the weight.

When you breathe out,

your heart is putting down the weight.

When you are meditating,

it is like your heart is at the gym.



23 thoughts on “Creative Writing

  1. Bro and Big Sis – LOVE your writing! Especially The Adventures of Mr. Kitey… What sort of work did he do at the sponge factory?!? Poem by Big Sis is so moving and lovely. You can feel the flight of the hawk and the growth of the tree through the verses. Great job you guys! Keep ’em comin’!


    1. Steph, at the sponge factory Mr. Kitey has this little, mushy, solid, stuff that he puts in the machine, and it comes out flat, which makes the outside of the sponge. His friend, Tom, makes the soap. His friend, Judy, makes the inside of the sponge. Thank you for the comment. Keep reading my stories. More episodes coming!


  2. Big Sis, Your poetry is simply beautiful! You word choice is visually descriptive. . . brava! Bro, you are one silly guy! I remember my son at our age. . . it makes me so happy reading these stories. It’s like a little window into the head of a funny boy!


  3. Bro: The part that ” when I eat pizza I feel my life will never end” really grabbed me. Maybe the joy of pizza anchors you in the ” here and now.” I too worship at the alter of pizza from time to time.


  4. I have a few concerns here kiddos….
    I’m worried about Mr. Kiety and going to the bathroom. DId he ever get to go!!!???
    I’m sad that the spider web trash can was thrown away because there is a poor homeless spider out there somewhere now 😦
    Big-Sis, I’m so sorry you’re breakfast, lunch and dinner 😦 But I loved your poem! I can totally see how you feel!
    I’m glad you all are having a super duper time!!!!


    1. Julie, well, the drama sort of makes it funny, but Judy got the dr. and Mr. Kitey eventually did go to the bathroom. The spider now is with his family in Arizona, even though Mr. Kitey lives in South Dakota, which is far from Arizona. – Bro


  5. Hi, Bro.
    It’s your friend from Philly, G, and his mom. We are giggling over Mr. Kitey Face. First, why did you name him that? What was your inspiration? Also, what’s up with the “juice” screaming? We loved it, but did he ever go to the bathroom? Funny, absurd character!!
    (Also, did you pack Legos on your trip?)


    1. Hi! It’s your friend from Philly, Bro, in Thailand! I named him Mr. Kitey Face because… Well, I don’t really know why I named him that. It just unusually came to my head so that is what I named him. I got inspired by the sense of my silliness because as you know, I’m pretty silly. He screamed “juice” because I read a book called Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, and there was this guy who had to go to the bathroom and said “juice” in the book. Eventually, he did go to the bathroom! Yes, of course I brought Legos on my trip! If I didn’t, I’d scream at my mom for not remembering, but it is sort of my responsibility. Keep reading my stories! I miss you.


  6. Hi, Bro.
    It’s G again. Your “Quiet, Loud and Far Away” poem made me feel calm and relaxed. You could listen to some very calm music to it while you’re reading it. I am taking piano lessons. Are you taking any music lessons too? I want to learn the drums after I can read music well.


  7. Also, also, I agree with you about boogie-boarding. I really want to learn how to surf when I’m bigger, but right now boogie-boarding is perfect. And, we are practicing how to form paragraphs too in class! Have fun at the beach!!


    1. Howdy! It is hard to boogie board in Thailand, because we didn’t bring boogie boards, and there are no waves. So it’s almost impossible to boogie board! I would love to read one of your paragraphs! You could leave one as a comment. It is sometimes hard to make topic sentences when I write paragraphs. Love, You-Know-Who


  8. I do not know why, but I have not been seeing these. They all are wonderful! Bro and Big Sis, the poetry is the best. Bro your paragraphs are amazing. Keep writing, it brings you closer.


  9. Bro, your new stuff is amazing. I think I recognize the inspiration for some of the characters. Mr Limpy is fun, and the poetry is really really really good. Keep it up. How about an elephant poem?


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